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Ranch Haus

It took 3 years of daily MLS searching to find this home - one that was reasonable to acquire (in SoCal terms) and had good bones, but it needed a lot of love (exactly what they were looking for). Thankfully this house was not a flip, and for better or worse had not been touched in 35 years, so there was absolutely no guilt for ripping out old finishes and making some much needed transformations. The Mid Century Modern(ish) nod to this 1966 California Ranch home set forth the inspo along with some eclectic spinoffs of interesting finish transitions the blur the lines between spaces. It was a complete overhaul - asbestos abatement (ouch), all new windows, new stucco, all new plumbing lines, mimmicking the roof line to achieve vaulted ceilings in the core of the house, relocating the kitchen all together, turning the dining room into an office, the living room into a dining room, and an existing patio into the family room...a total reorg of the Primary Suite...all new finishes, appliances, plumbing fixtures, and cabinetry throughout...and eventually wrapping up the remodel with a full landscape design. This a place to be with family & friends, to gather, to entertain, to cook and to feast, to work, to study, to create, to exercise, to cuddle, to bathe, to relax, to sleep, to celebrate, and to just BE...all the feels (and a bag of chips)...this is home.

Love me a happy front door!