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For the Love of MCM!!!

Magic like this just doesn't happen every day. When San Diego based architect Kristi Byers invited us to join the design team for this original, 1953, Richard G. Wheeler, Mid Century Modern gem - we seized the opportunity to come in and curate the interiors from roof to floor. Staying true to this special home while simultaneously bringing it into the 20th centruy required a seamless and trusted chemistry with the architectural team and the client. There is not a corner of this home that wasn't touched and thought through, details big and small that were lovingly studied, preserved and brought back to life, and interior spaces reimagined into more current, functional, and open flow ideals. The success of such an endeavor becomes a blurr of responsibilities...everyone is "all in" to where you can't hardly tell a distinction between the owner and the variety of professional disciplines. All hands on deck, a balance of client involvement and buy-in, a fully invested design team, and mutual trust all along the way is the secret sauce. For our role on the project, sklarSTUDIOS curated and sourced all of the interior and exterior furnishings, rugs, soft goods, accessories, and artwork, organized the meticulous refurbishing and reincorporated some of the original pieces that came with the house, and designed the custom bedroom built-ins and furniture as well as the outdoor play structure. And as a bonus to all of the above - this amazing MCM residence achieved a successful MILLS ACT status for the historic preservation remodel.

Dream client, dream team, MCM in all it's glory...this is our jam.

sklarSTUDIOS - Curation of interior furnishings, soft goods, accessories, artwork, custom built furniture, and play house

Kristi Byers, Architectural, Interior, & Historic Remodel

Homesteez - Vintage Finds & refurbishing of original furniture

Boomerang for Modern - Vintage Finds

studioMAHA photography

For the Love of MCM