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Close your eyes...imagine what it feels like to be somewhere you absolutely love - cozy, surrounded by family & friends, cooking up a feast, turning up the music for a spontaneous dance party in the living room, laughing around the dinner table, resting soulfully in your bed, curling up with that best seller in your loft, or recharging your inner battery from your sun-filled shower or the breath of fresh air from your lush patio while staring at the fire & sipping a glass of wine. This is home. Your physical surroundings affect you in so many more ways than you realize - color, pattern, sound, the volume of space, efficiency, work flow, ergonomics, textures, temperature, light, and the nuances of details that tie it all together to make your story - well...YOURS. What do you want your space to say about you? What do you want to feel like when you walk through the door every day? What is your optimal environment that makes you uber productive and energized to do your best work? Design is highly personal, so these are the questions we aim to answer while working with you. It can be quite the balancing act of options & preferences because the definition of "YOU" often translates to you, your partner, your children, and beyond! To create your home, we do get to know you on a deeper level than say - your dentist. While the psychology behind it and final "ta-dah" moment sounds dreamy and all - working with a team that KNOWS their stuff and thinks through the outcome is just as critical to a project’s success. Communication with our clients, consultants, contractors and vendors throughout the process supports the overall end game - to have the home you've always dreamt of, at a budget that works for you, built in a way that's thoughtful and solid, and in a realistic time frame. We've traveled around the sun more than a few times in this industry (more than 20 ...and then we stopped counting to give our youthful side a boost), and our experience in both the commercial and residential design worlds have exposed us to a ton of both technical and theoretical situations - so it's a great combo! We can (and will) get our hands dirty. We are not afraid of questions because that is how we explore and learn. And there is no room for egos in our process - it's collaborative through and through. We are inventive solution seekers and nest makers for the place you call home - where ever that may be. Our doors are open – so come on in!
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Karyn came highly recommended and we were thrilled with both the outcome and the process. We wanted to stay true to the mid century style of our home, but still make it functional and livable for a family. Karyn listened intently to our preferences, asked great questions, got a good gauge of our style and needs, and guided us through the process. The range of options she was able to provide allowed us to make choices that fit our lifestyle, budget, and aesthetic. From vintage furniture and fine art to a couch our daughter can jump on, Karyn delivered. Our home is beautiful, but more than that, it feels like us. We love being in the environment she helped us create and enjoyed every minute of...