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Karyn has an amazing wealth of knowledge. Working with her for renovating half of our home was the best decision we made. Reworking so much of your home is an overwhelming task. Karyn presented us with multiple options. We started with the big picture, and narrowed it down to the fine details. Karyn was able to provide us with ideas we never would have thought of on our own, and to steer us away from things that would have been the wrong decision in the end. Without her guidance there is no way we would have the home we have today- we use every space, it's more efficient, and we enjoy being together in it so much more than we did before.Read More

Over the past 2 years I've photographed several of Karyn's high-end design projects, and I'm always struck by how well she nails the details that link a whole-home or commercial design together. She approaches projects with an architectural eye (her background), which is perhaps why we work together so well. Even the smallest job takes on special significance when Karyn is in charge! My favorite thing about working with Sklar Studios is the breadth of work I've gotten to document: commercial, residential, institutional (private school facilities), houses of worship, and hospitality. All that experience goes into every future project, which benefits her clientele.Read More

I have worked with Karyn, photographing her projects, multiple times now and one thing stands out. Her passion. She works hard for her clients and truly improves their spaces, whether it be residential or commercial. Collaborating with Karyn on the photo shoots is inspiring and she makes me a better photographer. It's been a pleasure capturing her creative and practical designs and I look forward to the next shoot!Read More

I bought the condo for its location and layout. Most certainly not for the interior. In a nutshell, everything had to go. Knowing the place had to be gutted was the easy part. The hard part was finding an interior designer to transform the space. This was not an investment property. It would be my home. The scope of work covered nearly everything. The bathroom was completely gutted. New flooring throughout. Custom cabinetry. The list goes on. All furnishings would need to be acquired. Other than a few moving boxes full of documents Karyn would be starting from a clean slate. From the beginning Karyn was a joy to work with. She took the effort to learn my ‘must haves’, understand my design aesthetics and identify opportunities to impart aspects of my life into the project like my love of golf and travel. All the hard work paid off. I love the result. I entrusted my home to Karyn and she delivered beyond my expectations.Read More

Karyn was the designer for 2 of our major home remodels: 1. Kitchen 2. Masterbath These are some attributes that were important to us in which Karyn surpassed our expectations: -Attention to detail -Listened to our wants and needs -Cost- conscious -Consideration of functionality without compromising design -Passionate about her profession -Innovative -Extremely knowledgeable of our preferred design style (contemporary/modern) Highly recommend her and would hire her again for other projects!!! Karyn went above and beyond in her designs. She took the time to get to know what we were looking for (design as well as functionality) in our kitchen and master bath. She took into account our preferred style (contemporary), my love for concrete (or the concrete-look) as well as other materials (wood and marble flooring) which already existed in the house and added additional warmth to our home. The kitchen is where I spend most of my time and now I love to be in there even more! Karyn created an open-concept kitchen with an incredible amount of storage. A unique, waterfall edge adds sleekness to our island area. 2 different types of counter top materials/patterns were used on the island and the contrast is amazing. The wood cabinets on the island and sink area provide some warmth next to the high gloss white cabinets ( floor to ceiling) which encase our flush-mounted stainless appliances. I love the clean lines, uniqueness and functionality. It's never a chore to be in our kitchen. She has created my dream kitchen!! As for our bathroom....she created consistency and utilized the same counter top and warm wood material as the kitchen for the bathroom cabinets. She designed a unique floating vanity which included additional storage up the side walls (hard to picture, but it is amazing!!!) Concrete-Looking tile for flooring and up the shower area walls looks real classy with a glass partial panel in the shower. The linear shower drain added a very modern touch. Feels like I am getting ready at a spa every morning! To top it off, a reclaimed wood barn door closes off the bathroom from the bedroom. This is not just a door but a piece of art and once again adds warmth. Can't forget about my concrete sink :) Karyn is an exceptional designer. Her creativity and passion shines through. We could tell she loves her profession. Her outside of the box thinking intrigued me and opened my eyes to additional features in our kitchen and bathroom which I wouldn't have even considered. Karyn, Thank you for creating these amazing spaces in our home and teaching me about design along the way. Will be in touch for the next project ;)Read More