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Karyn came highly recommended and we were thrilled with both the outcome and the process. We wanted to stay true to the mid century style of our home, but still make it functional and livable for a family. Karyn listened intently to our preferences, asked great questions, got a good gauge of our style and needs, and guided us through the process. The range of options she was able to provide allowed us to make choices that fit our lifestyle, budget, and aesthetic. From vintage furniture and fine art to a couch our daughter can jump on, Karyn delivered. Our home is beautiful, but more than that, it feels like us. We love being in the environment she helped us create and enjoyed every minute of working with her.Read More

We engaged Sklar Studios for a challenging second story remodel. We had the space to work with, but the pre-existing layout made it very difficult to see the potential. Karyn Sklar was the perfect blend of practical approach combined with an artistic eye that worked very well for our project. She listened to our ideas, but was also not afraid to voice her opinion if she felt that something wouldn't work. She also did a masterful job of navigating the waters with contractors and deadlines as needed. I would highly recommend Karyn at Sklar Studios if you are considering a remodel.Read More

Sklar Studios is a detail oriented company that provides amazing design choices for their clients. They can handle all aspects of any project including construction management. We had our entire 1968 home, that had been untouched from its original condition, reimagined by Sklar Studios and we love it! Their team gave us four beautiful bathroom layouts that are designed impeccably. Our previously closed off kitchen is now wide open with a beautiful view and all of the finishing details were thoroughly planned out and executed. Our living spaces had many unique angles that needed to be seamlessly transitioned and they pulled it off perfectly. They were able to keep some of the midcentury charm while definitely adding the modern pop! We highly recommend Sklar Studios to design the space and home of your dreams!Read More

Karyn has an amazing wealth of knowledge. Working with her for renovating half of our home was the best decision we made. Reworking so much of your home is an overwhelming task. Karyn presented us with multiple options. We started with the big picture, and narrowed it down to the fine details. Karyn was able to provide us with ideas we never would have thought of on our own, and to steer us away from things that would have been the wrong decision in the end. Without her guidance there is no way we would have the home we have today- we use every space, it's more efficient, and we enjoy being together in it so much more than we did before.Read More

Over the past 2 years I've photographed several of Karyn's high-end design projects, and I'm always struck by how well she nails the details that link a whole-home or commercial design together. She approaches projects with an architectural eye (her background), which is perhaps why we work together so well. Even the smallest job takes on special significance when Karyn is in charge! My favorite thing about working with Sklar Studios is the breadth of work I've gotten to document: commercial, residential, institutional (private school facilities), houses of worship, and hospitality. All that experience goes into every future project, which benefits her clientele.Read More